The Truth

The medical industry has made billions in revenue and will continue to do so from the sickness of people.
Many people depend only on what the doctor says and refuse to know what other options they may have.

I must be very clear, I thank God for the Doctors and all those who help in the medical field. If it was not for
these Doctors, the world would suffer greatly. So to you who work hard in this area of life, I say a big thank you.

However, in the same manner, for the people in the herbal industry we also express our deepest gratitude to
you for your big contribution.

It is also equally important that people in the medical industry
recognize that God gave us the herbs for the healing of the land
and that people who work with herbs are needed and they are
important also.
Herbs are very powerful, It has aid people for centuries before
the medical industry has developed to where it is now.
Best of all, with very little to no side effects, unlike most medicine.

My personal experience and testimony using herbal products.
I’ve been a diabetic from 1996, I have used prescribed medicine and they have been helpful. I also used all natural herbal products and I thank God I did. Truth be told, if I did not use herbal products, I would be in a bad state.
I know herbs work and they work well.

In order for us to get the best result from the medicine or herbs,
we need be mindful of these five things.

1. Poor eating habits!

This is one of our biggest problem, we stuff ourselves with all the harmful things that will destroy us. This also include drugs, medication, alcohol etc. After doing this we still expect to be healthy. It won’t work! Good eating habits with good herbal products will result in good health.

2. Failure to flush ourselves!

Using laxativeWe must flush our colon, kidney, liver, mind and spirit of all the junk we put in us. If we don’t, it will mess us up real bad. When I was a boy my mother always make sure we get a regular laxative. In today’s world parents don’t give there kids any laxative. Just imagine a place with a lot of dead meat and other pollution, this place will be filled with a lot of toxin. That place is in you, get it out of you! Do some form of cleansing.

3. Need for exercise!

My dad had a gym, he made sure his kids always work out so I grow up in that environment. I’m now much older and I’m still exercising. Thank you mom & dad. People we must exercise, it helps the body to function in a much better way.

4. Sleeping! It’s a must.

Getting good sleep is very important. When we sleep the body goes to work and heal itself. That is why after a good sleep, we wake up feeling well rested, renew and energized.

5. Using good herbal products!

God in his great wisdom gave us this world with very powerful herbs and natural food.

For example; one small plum tomato will get rid of a serious muscle cramp instantly.
Lemon juice is very good to get rid of black head, head bumps, pimples, razor bumps, etc..
Here is one for you!  Which vegetable and which pepper can you  
mix that is better than Viagra?

I hope you are getting it.  Herbs can be very powerful if it’s used correctly.
Herbs are a gift from God for every living thing in this world including the animals.
Have you ever notice the dogs eating grass and after they do, they would pass their stool.
Herbs will strengthen, heal and help us in every area of our lives and I meant every area.

Many of the medication that the doctors use are from herbs. The difference is, the medicine went
through a process of mixing herbs and chemicals, this process sometimes has some side effect.
Where as, when the herbs are used just as God intended they will make a world of difference.
Some herbs have side effects, you must know your herbs to get an effective result.

As we continue to together, we’ll do our best to bring you the most effective herbal information.
In most cases, these herbs goes to work immediately with a lasting result.

Remember to check out the home remedy page, it has some very powerful information!                                                                      God Bless You!